Hawaiian shirt, Aloha GrayGreen

Hawaiian shirt, Aloha GrayGreen - Buy Hawaiian shirt, Aloha GrayGreen - Purchase Hawaiian shirt, Aloha GrayGreen (Rainbow, Rainbow Mens Shirts, Apparel, Departments, Men, Shirts, Mens Shirts)
Hawaiian shirt, Aloha GrayGreen

Hawaiian shirts – Aloha gray/green design hints of a approaching storm. The background is dark gray with splashes of light gray. A band of yellow hibiscus flowers goes around the shirt. Comes with coconut buttons and matching front pocket.

Hawaiian shirts from Rainbow Hawaiian Products are authentic quality Hawaiian shirts, hand made and shipped to you form Hawaii where real Hawaiian shirts originated.

The natural beauty and wonder of the Hawaiian Islands combined with many ethnic backgrounds and cultures has produced many unique products that reflect the beauty of these tropical islands and creativity of its people.

It was around the 1920’s that a tailor from Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii put together a flower print shirt on a brightly colored red background and became the originator of what is known in Hawaii as the Aloha shirt. This fashion icon grew into the Hawaiian apparel industry of today.

At Rainbow Hawaiian Products, Inc., we share this Aloha spirit icon with over 400 different print designs of Hawaiian shirts in our inventory.

Although we are new to Amazon.com, Rainbow Hawaiian Products has been a provider of Hawaiian apparel and Hawaii products since 1997. We make and provide many practical fun items with attractive colorful Hawaiian fabric prints . We also offer great outstanding new apparel and products from many talented local manufactures here in Hawaii. *Please click on “See merchants’s sizing charts” link above to help you select your Hawaiian shirt size .
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